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Rekindling Your Passion: Rediscovering the Joy of Dance

sustainability Aug 22, 2023

Do you find yourself missing the sheer joy of dancing? When you are in the classroom full time, it's easy to get caught up in teaching and forget the reasons we fell in love with dance. Let's explore five simple ways to reconnect with the joy of dancing and rediscover our "why."

Reflect on the Spark: Take a moment to think about what ignited your passion for dance in the first place. Was it the freedom of movement, the music, or the creative expression? Remind yourself of those initial feelings and let them rekindle your enthusiasm. For me…it was performing, I got a kick out of the feeling of being on stage!

Create Your Dance Corner: Designate a space at home where you can dance freely. Fill it with your favorite music, dance gear, and anything that inspires you. Having your personal dance zone can instantly transport you back to the world of dance. I love to hit a step in the kitchen or as I walk down the stairs. Another fave place of mine to dance is actually in the grocery store aisle…..I know it’s random!  

Embrace Being a Student: Attend a dance workshop or class in a style you haven't explored before. Stepping into the role of a student can bring back the excitement of learning something new and remind you why you started dancing in the first place. Summer time or breaks are great times to attend classes. You can even enroll in a short session for adults in case you don’t have a ton of time for commitment. I often look for free classes…outside classes in the spring or summer are the best! 

Share Your Journey: Share your dance journey with your students. Let them in on your experiences, play your favorite music, and even dance with them. Your genuine enthusiasm can be infectious and inspire both you and your students. Fun fact: I dance in every guest workshop or master class alongside my students. Sure I can watch, but it’s fun to experience it with them. 

Dance as Self-Care: Use dance as a form of self-care. It's not just about teaching; it's about taking care of yourself too. Dancing can be a way to unwind, release stress, and reconnect with your body and emotions. I even love watching dance videos as a way to unwind. Whether it’s a TikTok video, Netflix movie, or popping in some old DVDs! 

So, if you've been missing dancing, it's time to dive back in. Reconnect with the joy that dance brings and remember why it's such an essential part of your life. By embracing these simple steps, you'll not only rejuvenate your own passion but also infuse your role as a dance teacher with renewed energy and inspiration. Can’t wait to hear your dance story!

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